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The cousins are coming to theyetee on Monday, 22 September! Only $11, only 24, only Zul.

Sailor Moon Crystal ☆ Street Art

Sailor moon crystal ep.6


SOOOOO……lets talk about this

Nephrite is still thinking about sailor jupiter even when he is injured

when sailor mercury was about to attack zoisite, his facial expression changed, it looked liked he was hurt jus by looking at her (maybe he gained a memory of her face during the time of the silver millennium) or he didn’t want to attack her


Mama Ikuko is playing with Luna. With a toy. They have gone out and bought her cat toys. LUNA IS PLAYING WITH A CAT TOY. I AM IN HYSTERICS.

I don’t understand why people have issues with the senshi x shitennou pairing. It happened in their past lives; that doesn’t mean that it’s going to continue in their present lives. I think it’s worth exploring, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the focus of the entire series if it’s explored in Crystal.

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Yeah, I really think we did.